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Make IE history

The code for the above overlay is available, and forkable on github.

The rest of the content on this page is rather blatently liberated from YouTube. Just to give you an idea of the language you can use to explain to your users why their browser isn't supported.

Phasing out support for IE6 (Internet Explorer 6)

Why am I seeing a message stating that you will be "phasing out support" for my browser?

You're seeing this messaging as you are currently viewing this site in an older browser. You need to upgrade your browser in order to take advantage of new features that will be released in the future.

What do you mean by "phasing out support" for my browser?

"Phasing out support" just means that as we build and roll out new features, those features will be built for the speed and richness of the latest browsers.

If I don't upgrade my browser, what will occur?

If you don't upgrade to a recent browser and continue using an older browser, you may have difficulty using some of our future, advanced features.

How to I upgrade to the most recent version of my browser?

Its simple to upgrade to the most recent version of your browser. Just visit the website of the browser you're currently using, and then download the most recent version of the browser that's available. You'll then be prompted with instructions on how to install and use the new browser.